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It’s just a bookcase in the bushes.

Stumbled upon in Sophi Park, Bad Liebenzell, Germany.

A wonderful traditional bookcase with Japanese style. I think it looks like it flew there and will be gone tomorrow.


A little box of books

IMG_6147.JPGA small but perfectly formed little Library in Bastogne

A room with a view

IMG_6101.JPGI just can’t resist a good bookcase, courtesy of Crewe Hall Hotel

Spotted in Barcelona

img_5267How amazing does this book look?

No idea what it’s about but it’s got Lions with handbags, magic acts, glamorous ladies and a doctor that looks like Brad Pitt. What’s not to like?

..(I’m ignoring the dog served up on a plate of bacon)

Spotted in Vaison La Romaine, France

OK, it wasn’t strictly a bookshop. More en plenair book walk next to some Roman ruins. The French have it so good they are giving away the classics. What a wonderful way to spread the joy of reading.
imageI found the best retro book cover ever.

How steamy does this version of ‘Lady Chatterley’ look?

Norway Book Town Special

Fjaerland, probably the most beautiful book town in the World

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Planning a trip abroad?

Maybe there is a bookshop you want to visit?

Check out the Rest of the World section and you never know what you will find


First bookshop review available to view

Scarthin Books, Cromford, Derbyshire



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