Old meets new - Boekhandel Dominicanen
Old meets new – Boekhandel Dominicanen

Visited: 2012 and 2014

Set in a 700 year old Church and nestled in the side streets of the very lovely Maastricht City Centre, the Boekhandel Dominicanen is an awe inspiring place. It has incredibly high ceilings and fantastic contrasting black book shelves, that are themselves further floors to the store. The views from the top, middle and bottom are all amazing.

The place also has the best eatery in a bookshop I have ever been to (more restaurant than cafe) but they have the space so why not? And sometimes you just have to sit down to take in the views.

Although you can get carried away with the setting it’s worth noting that this is also a very good bookshop. It seems to have changed hands since I visited. It was run by the Selexyz group in 2012 but they have since been bought out. It is now run by (from what I can tell) a Dutch independent bookseller and hence it’s new name.

Unfortunately for the English reader there aren’t many books to buy as the majority are in Dutch. However, I did manage to procure a book on each occasion… I bought ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ by H.P. Lovecraft and an English translation of a Dutch novel called ‘In the Dutch Mountains’ by Cees Nooteboom. Both very mountain orientated books for a very flat country, but excellent reads by the way.

There are lots of lovely art, architecture and photography books in the Domincanen shop, a nod to their fantastic surroundings. There also seems to be a book on everything else and the range is vast.

Although I love the setting of this bookshop, it lacks a bit of comfort for me but then at least the Dutch did something useful with their old church. We turned one of ours in Nottingham into a pub and I know what I’d prefer 🙂

Buchhandlung Liebe Score: ♥♥♥


My photos don’t do the place justice so it’s worth checking out this link below:

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