I’ve reviewed most of the bookshops I’ve visited over the years using some simple (and very loose) criteria. Hopefully my thoughts will encourage you to visit them.

So to you , their future customers, here’s my guide:

Bookshop basics: who are they, where to find them and do they serve coffee?

Bookspiration: did I walk away poorer in the purse but happier in the soul?

Bookmosphere: did I feel like I’d come home?

Book purchase: what did I buy? (of course I bought something)

Buchhandlung Liebe Score (rated in ♥ out of 5): is this ‘the’ place for bookshop lovers?

“A good bookshop will make you buy a book or two…

An amazing bookshop will make you buy a shed load of books you never knew you wanted to read”

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Note: There are no bad bookshops out there. Just being a bookshop is good thing but there are some bookshops that could do with a little love and a tickle with a feather duster.