There aren’t many bookshops with a backdrop like that

Visited: September 2012

Somehow finding this bookshop in what we thought was the back of beyond made things even better. Nice little place, with lots of local books covering everything from the flora and fauna to the best places for mountain biking. Moab is certainly a place of natural beauty and adventure and this bookshop adds to that feeling. There’s a real sense that people appreciate their surroundings here and there were plenty of titles embracing that. There was new fiction too but I avoided them and bought a nice little locally published number called ‘The Moab Story from Cowpokes to Bike Spokes’. Certainly helped pass our time staying at the campsite down the road.


Is this a bookshop for bookish people?

Yes, nice layout and friendly staff offering some gentle respite from the adventure biking up the road!

Buchhandlung Liebe Score: ♥♥♥♥♥