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Big love for bookshops and other bookish things



Politikens Boghal, Copenhagen

Found out the Danish word for books and made a little purchase of Peter Høeg ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow’. A detective novel set in 1980s Copenhagen.

Politikens Boghal is a very nice bookshop with a big English section. It also has lots of new titles and contemporary displays. This would probably be my second home if I lived here!

Barter Books, Alnwick

An absolute favourite

Converted railway station with a waiting room cafe and many, many book shelves of second hand favourites and collectibles.

I bought a lovely 1979 copy of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle which I can’t wait to read

And I also found a studious imp in the aisles studying her purchases 😀



The Story of Berlin

A reminder that people burned books and tried to censor free thinking.

Second-hand book street

Gipuzkoa Plaza, San Sebastián

Burford – hats and books

And a pretty good reading chair

Jersey Zoo

Charity bookshop Amazing what you find when you are least expecting it.

It’s just a bookcase in the bushes.

Stumbled upon in Sophi Park, Bad Liebenzell, Germany.

A wonderful traditional bookcase with Japanese style. I think it looks like it flew there and will be gone tomorrow.


A little box of books

IMG_6147.JPGA small but perfectly formed little Library in Bastogne

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